1. Schrank8 poster design

    Posters by Hansje van Halem (NL)

    Schrank8 was founded somewhere in 2010 by dutch soiled graphic designer Hansje van Halem. One day she bought an old chest and gave friend graphic designers the opportunity to expose their work in. 

    Whose work is familiar to most Dutch people as she created the design for the currently used post stamps.

    It’s now part of the living room of Hansje van Halem in Amsterdam. Every two months an artist will be invited to fill the cabinet with their work and throw an opening party. 

    To announce all the exhibitions held in Schrank8 Home Gallery, Hansje designes and silk screenes posters. These posters were selected as finalist for the Dutch Design Awards in the category Best Graphic Design 2011.

    From the jury report:

    "The posters for the bimonthly changing cabinet exhibitions at the designer’s home balance on the borderline between autonomous and communication design. The research in this border area results in stunning posters and is the innovation-oriented drive in the professional field."

    The result is stunning. Interesting work defined by craftsmanship, singularity and dedication to her passion. If this won’t make your heart beat faster i don’t know what will…

    Visit the Schrank8 website here!