1. Jamming on a pyramid // HPSTR pyramid

    This is the documentation video of the project I worked on during the “Musical Interfaces” course in Winter 2012/13 at FH Potsdam. The HPSTR Pyramid is an attempt to create an alternative — but native to digital world — interface, to conventional knobs and slide controls. It’s an approach to have the same basic and generic functionality a knob has but to achieve it with a more natural interaction. You can find more information on how the pyramid works and the idea behind it in the full documentation (incom.org/projekt/3114)

  2. Great art by // Fabienne Verdier

    (Source: likeafieldmouse, via wildboyscrew)


    Best video i’ve seen in ages.

    Haha, childhood memories perhaps?

  4. The Hand Down Loves:

    Pae White at Peckham’s South London Gallery - an installation made up of a 48 kilometre network of threads

  5. Kelsey Brookes // Art

    Meet Kelsey Brookes, artist from San Diego, California. An artist of contrasts. His well-documented background in microbiology, surf culture and folk art combine in explosive prisms of raucous color, bold imagery and timeless motifs. Raw and un-tethered, his vibrant, mixed-media assemblages reveal a free-flowing aesthetic that’s altogether energetic, sexual and humorous. Each work is a microcosm of life itself, where smiley-faced characters and wild animals cavort with abstract forms and splices of color to form something infinitely complex and visually joyful.

  6. Kelsey Brookes // Art

  7. Felipe Pantone // Venganza

    New work by Felip Pantone. Love the abstract shapes and forms mixed with the typography. All together it almost gives you the feeling you’ve ended up in a Daft Punk video or Tron. 

    The patterns are hypnotizing and the deep color blue almost makes you want to bath in it. 


  8. I love black fat letters

    (via auto-k)

  10. Moe Staverne // Poster

    If nothing goes right go left  50x70

  11. Posters // Johan Kauth

    The electrifying work of graphic designer / print maker Johann Kauth.

  12. Posters // Johan Kauth

    More work from  Johan Kauth

  13. Wire typo // Dan Hoopert


  14. ParraSoundSystem // Weekend

    Let’s start the weekend off with a nice mixtape from ParraSoundSystem

    Want more? Check out the soundcloud chanel!

  15. Photography // Random

    2012, random locations